Dr. Emiliano Hudtohan

Educator, Business Writer, Industry Expert and Entrepreneur

The Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation

The Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation concluded in May 2023. In 1999 Br. Armin Luistro FSC convened the First Lasallian Disctrict Synod, which gave birth to PLFC, which in 2003 Br.Dodo Fernandez FSC convened. Thus, Br. Armin and Br. Dodo are the pillars (Towers of Strength) of Phils. Lasallian Family. I say: St. La Sale, a French priest founded the Brothers of Christian Schools. But today, the Filipino Brothers established/founded the Lasallian Family, composed of lay men and women. And tomorrow, the Lasallian Family will establish a non-Catholic group who will help continue the educational mission of St. La Salle globally. Why? Br. James Ebner FSC said we belong to a Human Race Chruch and Karl Rahner says: men and women of Goodwill are Anonymous Christians. Lasallian Animo Lives on. Forever.

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