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Strategic Feminine Energy Management and Leadership (SFEMaLe)

The 21st century has been declared the century of women.  The feminist movement and the growing feminist advocacy has been picking momentum globally.  First, this seminar is primarily for women to revision their role in the 21st century in terms of corporate leadership.  Secondly, this seminar will help our leaders (currently males have dominant role) to understand the feminine energy among women and likewise the feminine energy among men.  Corporate management may wish to prepare a gradual succession and transition to this growing trend in management leadership.


Creating Value for Strategic HR (CVHR)

Human Resource Management takes on a new in a globalized environment today.  The workshop for Officers and Supervisors will present frameworks and role definitions to enable HR to be an active participant in the business processes.  As a professional HR, participants will be able to revision why HR values matter, what HR values mean, and how HR values are created and recreated.


Global Leadership and Cultural Intelligence (GLCI)

Foreign businesses identified with multinational, global, and transnational corporations continue to dominate the Philippine landscape And the foreign leaders of these companies, including those locals employed by them, encounter cultural difficulties. Philippine tycoons have are establishing their foothold in foreign markets and they likewise encounter cultural challenges. These challenges, cutting both ways [foreigners in the Philippines and Filipinos in foreign assignments] used to be addressed as a matter of inculturation. In a globalized business environment, cultural intelligence is a must for locals to understand foreigners and Filipinos to understand foreigners in foreign assignment.


Managerial Development Program (MDP)   

MDP is designed for supervisors and middle managers who are engaged in implementing policies and procedures. The manager is introduced to functions of organization whose dynamic process which is anchored on institutional or corporate structure, people productivity, and strategic goals. In alignment with corporate vision and mission the manager is key in driving people performance to achieve strategic goals.  MDP aims to bring about high performance through managerial and leadership skills development in the context of global concern for triple bottom line: profitability through high productivity of people motivated for high performance with great care of the environment for sustainable development.


LTraining the Corporate Learning Facilitator

Training the Corporate Learning Facilitator (TCLF) Program is designed to build the competencies of a corporate learning facilitator who is responsible for the training and development of human resources.  TCLF provides the learning participant skills in conceptualizing and putting the concepts in writing the specifics of a training program that is related to: 1. the rationale, 2. the objectives, 3. the topics, 4. the resource speaker, 5. the methodology, 5. the assessment, 6. the venue, and 7. the logistics in the delivery of training program


Platform Skill for Dynamic Presentation (PSDP)

Platform Skills for Dynamic Presentation [PSDP] is effective presentation skills.  There are three part to this program: 1. Platform skills allows the participant to develop the Self as the human platform for communication before an audience, a public. 2. Dynamic presentation is a combination of the presenter, the mode of presentation, the content of the message, and the synergy that is created by the presenter and the audience. 3. Skills demonstration by actually doing a presentation before an audience.


Performance Development and Coaching (PDC)

In addition to planning, leading and organizing the manager performs the function of controlling or evaluating.  Performance appraisal one such function under controlling.  To make the performance appraisal exercise specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound, the manager needs to coach the employee based on current performance and plan for future performance targets.  Performance Development and Coaching (PDC) is designed to provide the manager: 1. Coaching skills managing productivity, 2. Checklists for an effective one-on-one assessment, 3. Key interaction principles, 4. Sandwich method in Feedbacking, and 5. Step-by-step process in documenting the appraisal.


Motivating Employees in Response to Global Environment (MERGE)

The Motivating Employees in a Global Environment is designed in the context of 21st century international relations context, especially between the East and the West, dealing with the BRIC economy, and with the rising emerging markets. MEGE trains the participants to address three essential factors that influence motivation: 1. Nature and Nurture, 2, Global and Local theories and 3. Development of cultural intelligence. While MEGE is addresses employees’ need to be motivated at work, it at the same considers the key role of middle managers in influencing them for personal growth and productivity. Productivity in Asia has been greatly influenced by the formal science and practice brought about by Western corporations and reinforced by government policies whose fundamental philosophies are also from the West. 

MEGE examines the roots of work motivation to strengthen and enhance the Sustainable Self of the employee.  It is based on the retrospect-prospect perspective and on the nature-nurture formula of emergenetics.

The use of cultural intelligence as action framework provides a neutral perspective on the impact of global relations. Cultural intelligence allows a person to think globally, but act locally.  This means be exposed and appreciate hypernorms, but act from one’s cultural mold that would lead to a harmonious inter-cultural adjustment.


Academic Engagements

Thesis and Dissertation Planning and Organizing (TDPO)

Masteral and doctoral students who need assistance in conceptualizing their ideas towards creating a Statement of the Problem, Conceptual Framework, Theoretical Framework, and Review of Related Literature.


Creative English Writing (CrEW)

Learning the creative process of putting down owns ideas in writing. It is recommended for Filipino professionals who wish to get their ideas published in journals, newspapers, and magazines.  Writing is fun and at the same therapeutic when one is engaged in the process of creation.


Motivational Speaker

Areas of interest are Business Ethics, Management Education, Social Development, Family Life and Work Balance, Spirituality at the Workplace, Sustainable Self and Social Development, Advocacy for Eastern Management, Biospheric Democracy, Gaian Leadership, and Wellness.


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