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The Great Period of Change is Coming to an End

Dr. Emiliano T. Hudtohan, AB,BSE, MA, EDD

May 22, 2022 2.32


The Great Period of Change articulated by Christine Page, Gregg Braden, and Erwin Laszlo is from 1987 to 2023. This global phenomenon is a period of chaos, conflict and disorder which Bennett and Lemoine describe  as a world that is volatile, uncertain complex and ambiguous (VUCA); it is the Age of Upheaval, according to Hult Executive Academy. The local 2022 Philippine national election is a manifestation of this VUCA world in the Age of Upheaval. The elected President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. demonstrated a feminine energy in managing his campaign amidst a highly negative toxic political arena that brought him to a landslide victory. Political pundits and prophetic personalities paint a metaphysical picture of a new governance in Philippine politics, a signal that the Great Period of Change in the Philippines is happening in 2022.  The EDSA People Power Revolution of 1986 triggered governance change and the 2022 election announces the end of that period, coinciding with the galactic period of change from 1987 to 2023. The paper concludes by presentings Laszlo’s new enlightened humanity by 2025.  


This is a narrative on the Great Period of Change (1987-2023) that is coming an end.  Cosmologists  Christine Page, Gregg Braden, and Erwin Laszlo have announced that chaos and change started to happen in 1987 and will end in 2023.  Hult International School of Business tells us that we are in the Age of Upheaval. Bennet and Lesmoine (2014) describes our current situation as a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Today, Russia and Ukraine are in a state of war, threatening an eruption of World War III, involving  NATO, the United State and China.  Globally, there was a 1987 financial crisis.  Environmentally, the United Nations through the Organization of Economic and Cooperation and Development (OECD) published the 1987 Brundtland Report where People, Planet and Profit must synergize to avoid an impending ecological crisis. China responded in 2018 with President Xi Jinping’s Ecological Civilization. 

Locally, the  Philippines had a significant political change in 1986 through the EDSA People Power Revolution that gathered millions of Filipinos from all walks of life to march along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA), the main artery of Metro Manila, to end the dictatorship of President Ferdinand E. Marcos to  begin a new era marked by true freedom and democracy. Significantly, in 2022 Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. Is elected President of the Republic of the Philippines 36 years later. This is within the Great Period of Change which started in 1987 and ends 2023. Cosmologically: Is the victory of Marcos, Jr. a  window of opportunity for a new horizon, announcing the end of chaos and disorder in 2023 and the advent of a  new order of prosperity during his presidential term that ends in 2028? Cosmologically, will there be a bright light at the end of 2023 when our galaxy would have exited the Black Hole and we will be a new  enlightened global humanity in 2024?


This study aims to: 1. Put into context events, globally and locally, that shed light in understanding the Great Period of Change, which began in 1987 and is projected to end in 2023. 2. Narrate the story of Philippine national election as an indicator of change in local politics in support of the cosmic Great Period of Change (187-2024). 3. Provides specific events  in politics, culture, technology and ecology that would indicate a new worldview leading to an enlightened mindset by 2025.  4. Provides a prospect to what is beyond 2023, when the Great Period of Change would have  come to an end.


 This paper is qualitative research (Marshall & Rossman, 2011); it is anchored on significant events that provide an understanding of the Great Period of Change (1987-2023). It is heuristic (Moustakas, 1990) because it provides the researchers and  the webinar audience to discover and learn something for themselves in understanding the current world situation described as a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. It takes into account the past events of the 50 years of Philippine history (1972 Martial Law to 2022 Presidential Election)  and it makes sense of its impact to our present situation and hints at the possibilities in the future (Smith, 2015; Sela-Smith, 2002; Hudtohan, 2005; Gonzalez, Luz, & Tirol, 1984).  The methodology is multi-valuate (Richardson, 2015) because it deals with various disciplines related to public governance, politics, economics, education, technology and ecology. This is an exploratory discourse (Stebbins, 2011) to study, examine, analyze and investigate the need to understand current events in order to have some indicators that conflict and chaos will end by 2023.

Part I: End of the Great Period of Change

Great Period of Change

According to Christine Page (2008), we live in “an extraordinary time in the planet’s history. In 2012, for the first time in almost 26,000 years, our sun will be most  closely aligned  to the Galactic Center. This Galactic Alignment, which began in  with the Harmonic convergence in 1987 and will conclude in 2023, presents a 36-year  window of opportunity for humanity to participate in the creation of a new era of expanded consciousness.” (Page, 2008, back cover). This quote from Page is a cosmic message that the rise into power of Marco, Jr. is etched in this galactic message and is part of the Great Period of Change.  Between 1987 -2023, she says, this period presents a window of opportunity for humanity, and in particular for Filipinos, to participate in the new era of expanded consciousness. The Martial Law chaos Is now a driver for a new consciousness that will bring order, peace and harmony.

To understand conflict that we have been experiencing politically, Figure 1 shows Chaos from a Greek mythic perspective. Chaos today is described as a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world and Hult Academy calls it the Age of Upheaval.  COVID 19 created global chaos, aside from economic and political conflicts. But Gaia as Mother Earth is a caring person who has been providing resources for humanity.  Unfortunately, our economic progress has harm her through pollution that harmed us in return as we face global warming and climate change.  Eros is a creative force which we have interpreted as erotic, rather than a creative and innovative force need to find solutions to our problems.  The new era of expanded consciousness is evidenced by 2018 Ecological Civilization of China, which updated the United Nations’ Triple Bottomline Brundtland Report in 1987. The victory of Marcos, Jr. manifests a new consciousness in politics where mudslinging campaign was no longer entertained.  This manifests a feminine energy that is not combative but empathetic.

          Figure 1. Relationship of Chaos, Gaia and Eros (Hudtohan, 2020)

End of the Period of Change

The big picture on what is happening today is that we live in a Great Period of Change which began in 1987 and ends in 2023 (Page, 2012; Jenkins, 2012 & 1998; Braden, 2009; Laszlo, 2006). What then do we expect at the end of this Great Period of Change?  Christian Page says, “The Mayan calendar saw the beginning of an extraordinary journey of 36,000 years for the earth and its inhabitants, which reaches its conclusion just before 2020. For the first time in 26,000 years, the sun is most closely aligned with Great Cleft, Dark Rift or the Black Road of the Milky Way. (Page, 2008). 

The year 2023 appears to be the end of the dark tunnel. We will make a breakthrough (Laszlo,2006)   As we come close to 2023, the end of the Great Period of Change, our present state I consider Global Civilization is moving towards a new era of New Enlightenment (Page, 2012). Ambassador Manalo (personal communication, July 31, 2921) during an interview with Sass Sassot SMNI Network, said that from the Cold War we moved to Globalization. However, she did not cite our new state of affairs that would follow Global Civilization we are experience today.  The experience of climate change and global warming has prompted President Xi Jinping to promote an Ecological Civilization to have “blue skies, green mountains and clear water.”

Century of Women

The century of Women started in the 1980s and ends in the 2020s. According to Christiane Page (2008) “The Mayan calendar saw the beginning of an extraordinary journey of 36 years for the earth and its inhabitants, which reaches its conclusion just before 2020. For the first time in 26,000 years, the sun is most closely aligned with Great Cleft, Dark Rift or the Black Road of the Milky Way. The road leads directly to the Galactic Center, or the heart of the Great Mother… We travel and enter the Black Hole [where] we will experience the fullness of our potentiality, the unlimited realm of possibilities, and come know the true meaning of immortality.” (Page, 2008).

According to Bluestone (1997), “Western and Chinese alchemist had one thing in common…the smallest object of material reality was a reflection of a larger cosmic whole.  [For] Monk Basil Valenti the human body was a microcosm of the universe.  In the Chinese Tao, everything on earth was a reflection of its divine form.” (p. 62). Thus, our body is an embodiment of the universe.  We encapsulated the Great Mother and the Great Mother is within us.

In Gaian theory, “the biosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere maintain a homeostatic condition and the Earth is seen as a single living super being. The workings of Gaia can be viewed as a study of the physiology of the Earth, where the atmosphere is the Earth’s lungs and circulatory system, the oceans and rivers are the Earth’s blood, the land and the rocks are the Earth’s bones, and the living organisms like the plants and fungi are the Earth’s skin and sensory system. All these are tied up to an infinitely complex network of feedback systems to maintain homeostasis. (Bonewits, 2003; Chamberlain, 205); Edwards (1995) links the Gaian hypothesis with shamanic wisdom that sees nature as a living organism.  Shamans believe that “everything is alive.  Rocks and crystals are conscious beings” (Edwards, 1995, p.206).

Redmond (1997) argues that our civilization made a mistake by choosing a tradition that followed a male dominant worldview.  Climate change is happening because we are “divorcing ourselves from the natural world, we are doing violence to ourselves and to the planet.  The tradition that we inherited from warrior nomads who viewed the natural world as an infinite source of new pastures to exploit and abandon have led to rampant materialism…our culture persists in behaving as if nature exists to serve the desires of one species that values itself above all other” (Redmond, 1997, p.187). Crowley (2001) redirects us to that Gaian spirit by suggesting that we try to sense the divine presence in the natural world beneath the concrete of the streets, implying that the sacred natural order is primarily the non-human natural order resident in Mother Earth.

Myss (2016) asserts that the 21st century needs the Sacred Feminine, who is the balancing force to Sacred Masculine and its intellectual energies of reason and logic. The Sacred Feminine and its subtle and magnificent force penetrate into every expression of life, bringing us into an awareness of the crisis within Mother Nature and awakening our mystical senses and mystical history.  That Sacred Feminine is Gaia, re-emerging today as Moral Beauty to rule the conduct of society that has gone awry and in chaos.

Part II: Evidence of Chaos and Change

Philippine Feminine Context

The election campaign for presidency between Marcos, Jr. and Robredo saw two opposing strategies. Marcos was non-combative; Robredo was aggressive.  Marcos harped on national unity (UniTeam); Robredo on corruption and human rights violations during Martial Law days. Marcos refused to engage in a public debate; Robredo up to the days of campaign and thereafter continued to hurl the “sins” of Marcos, Sr., implicating the son as inheritor of a biblical intergenerational sin.

The 21st Century will be the century of girls and women, declared UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet at the 39th Annual Commencement 2011 of LaGuardia Community College. During the ceremony on 23 September 2011 at the Lincoln Center, New York. She also called on men and boys in the room to take part in the “social, economic and political revolution for gender equality and women’s empowerment. (Bachelet, 2011).

The energy that women bring in the 21st century is a feminine energy.  Richmond (2011) noted that when women were drummers, they used the drums for celebration, healing and worship; but when men used the drums they went marched to the beat and went to war. The perspective of peaceful versus violent activities are obvious contrast. The Philippine election of 2022 saw Marcos, Jr. exhibiting feminine energy by retreating from combative debates and conversations. Robredo exhibited masculine energy bringing combative and fighting stance throughout her campaign. Marcos, Jr. showed that men can connect with their feminine self by refusing to engage in word war. It also proved that women can connect with the masculine self and be aggressive and combative.  The idea of 21st century as century of women is not about gender equality only.  It is about positive energy.  Metaphysicians declared that everything is energy and we can emit positive or negative energy. The Butterfly Effect of promoting positive mindset carried Marcos, Jr. to an outstanding victory of 31 million votes against the negative energy campaign of Robredo who garnered 14 million votes.

Technology in the 21st Century

            Figure 2. Image of Homo Deus(Harari, 2016)

               www.google.com/search?q=homo+deus+ images&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ

Beck (2012) narrates that “Oneness, [is] the subjective awareness that there is no separation between me and everything in the universe…sacred silence is the first technology of magic in all wisdom tradition…Rationalist culture…didn’t teach us that we’re capable of communicating without either close physical proximity or physical implements like written words or telephones.  Most of us still see the world as Newton [as] a bunch of random unrelated particles…that solid particles are mere energetic patterns until observed by consciousness, and that energy is always communicating in stranger-than-fiction ways Einstein disparagingly called ‘spooky action at a distance.'” (Beck, 2012, p. 58-59).  Thus, digital technology is a manifestation of that energy through quarks, but more importantly Beck points out the technology of magic through our consciousness. 

Harari (2016) in Homo Deus asserts that our species as humans is has been evolving from the lower life forms to being a Homo Sapiens, which believes is headed to be Homo Deus, a technologically sophisticate human form.  In 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, again, he predicted and it is happening now that he who hold data, big data holds the future. The COVID 19 pandemia has demonstrated this.  Data mining and data analytics on cases of infection, recovery and death provide intelligent estimation on where the curve of incidents is going. It is a guide for personal, social, and mandated responsibility for survival.

The Philippine 2022 election was a pollical battle launched at the digital platform. It was monitored by statistical survey of Social Weather Station, Pulse Asia, Publicus Asia, Inc. and Tangere, Ang Boses ng Pilipino and many media outfits hired by political parties made us of Kalye survey that gives a micro update on voting trends. Data mining using algorithms demonstrated that we have used AI to our advantage and social service in this election. We are now Homo Deus as Harari puts it (Figure 2 and Figure 3).It used to be man’s finger touching God’s finger; now it is man in touch with AI machines.

Google trend was used by the Robredo camp. Supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo have insisted that Google Trends, which takes into account searches of entries related to presidential candidates, point toward a Robredo victory in contrast to what recent scientific surveys projected. (Inquirerdotnet, May 22, 2022; https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1586674/robredo-supporters-insist-google-trends-indicate-victory-despite-lagging-in-surveys#ixzz7TweIjJIn). It provided data that showed Robredo Robredo’s presidential candidacy on Friday pointed to campaign strategist Alan German’s take on the Vice President constantly grabbing the most shares in terms of searches about a presidential bet. Google trend was debunked as an accurate data on what the electorate prefer in regular surveys voting trends.

Figure 3. Harari’s Homo Deus. (https://readingraphics.com/learning-from-human-evolution/)

 The narrative I am presenting is a political event of Philippine national election in 2022 where Marcos, Jr.  and Sara Duterte won by a landslide (or a tsunami margin). This happened within the cosmic dates of 1987-2023 period of chaos.  President Ferdinand Marco, Sr. was ousted in the 1986 EDSA revolution and in 2022 Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. won the election. The 35 years is a great period of chaos and conflict in Philippine society.  But the administration of Marcos, Jr, is from 2022 – 2026, which means that by 2024 a new society   will rise and a new Philippines will experience harmony and peace.  His Uniteam tagline is an appropriate theme for his 6-year term, fulfilling the end of chaos and conflict in our country. First time in the history of Philippine elections, majority president and vice president and same party president and vice president.

Feminine energy.  The 21st century is a century of women.  I refine this pronouncement by saying that it is a century of feminine energy. Thus, the non-combative posture of Bong Bong Marcos is a feminine energy.  The combative stance of the opposition throwing verbal brickbats and negative words is a masculine intrusive violence.  When women were drummer, they used the drums for celebration, healing, and worship.  But men used it for violence by going to wars.

Political Pundit’s Narrative

Richard Heydarian, 2022) narrates his political observation after attending the miting de avance of Robred and Marcos, Jr. He says, “What I found particularly overwhelming, however, was the sheer desperation of our common folks, the dominant demographic on the grounds, who struggled to hold back tears amid the whole nostalgic jazz that enveloped the miting de avance in Solaire. At once, you could sense folks’ surreal yearning for historic redemption and overnight transformation in as much as their “ressentiment” against decades of unfulfilled promises by democratically elected leaders.”

He warns, “Dear reader: To dismiss the 2022 election results as simply the upshot of “disinformation” and “irrational” voting behavior is both intellectually lazy and morally questionable. This was less a vote for the scions of the country’s two leading political dynasties, who are integral to a rotten status quo, but instead a torrent of unmediated rage against decades of dysfunctional democracy.

He concludes, “Here are the brutal facts: Our ‘democracy’ is one where more than 80 percent of elected legislative offices have been hijacked by a narrow elite, while the country’s 40 richest business families swallowed up to 76 percent of newly created growth in the early 2010s.”

Prophetic Narratives

Nostradamus prophecy. He said that “By the sixteenth year after the New Millennium of the Twenty First Century (2000-2016) a new leader shall rule the Pearl of the Orient Island in Asia (Philippines) his name has eight letters beginning as the second letter of the alphabet (That’s letter – “B” for Bongbong) This man shall change the history of the whole world and every man shall shout his name twice like the sound of a big Bell (“BONG-BONG”) “. (https://www.ft.com/content/adc60586-9267-43b5-be3b-f44ad4506d2d)

Reed (2022) reported in Financial Times that a video posted in 2020 on YouTube claims the French astrologer Nostradamus predicted the outcome of the presidential election in the Philippines. “Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr is destined by fate and prepared by time to continue the great plan of his father for the Maharlika country,” the Tagalog-language film claims, referring to the Philippine’s pre-colonial warrior class. “He is the most qualified to become the president of the country.” While no record exists for such a prophecy, this week Marcos won a landslide victory in an election likely to entrench the power of two families seen by many as bywords for authoritarian rule.

He said that Marcos is now set to follow in the footsteps of his late father Ferdinand Marcos. And when he is sworn in for a six-year term in July, he will do so alongside vice-presidential running mate Sara Duterte, daughter of the departing populist head of state Rodrigo Duterte. Marcos comes back to the Malacañang Palace after the  1986  “People Power” revolt. Marcos Jr narrowly lost to Robredo for the vice-presidency in the 2016 national election. But the groundwork was being laid for this year’s run in a country where 82 per cent of people use social media and most get their news from it, according to research consultancy Datareportal.

Finally, Reed said that “After being criticized for their role as tools helping Duterte win the last election and suppress opponents, Facebook, Twitter, and Google as well as newcomer TikTok all said they took steps this year to support election integrity and control the dissemination of false information.”

 Quiboloy Prophecy. Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder Apollo Quiboloy, during his 66th birthday celebration hin Davao City 0n, April 25, 2016 predicted a landslide victory for Davao City Mayor and presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte. “Duterte is the Apollo that this country needs – to slay the corruption, to slay drug addiction, and to slay poverty…Good doesn’t defeat evil. The greater evil defeats evil,” Quiboloy said of the mayor, pertaining to the story of Apollo the Serpent Slayer.

After Pastor Quiboloy declared that he had personally halted the Mindanao earthquake,  he accepted  pull off two more impossible feats: 1. He accepted  Vice Ganda’s dare to stop the heavy traffic on EDSA and 2. End the long-running TV action show Ang Probinsyano.

At the Showtime. Vice said the powers the religious leader Quiboloy boasts of could be channeled to other useful things, like trying to end Manila’s crippling traffic. He added that Ang Probinsyano only risk of ever concluding after four years would be by Quiboloy’s command. Quiboloy retorted: “When do you want it stopped?”  As for ending Ang Probinsyano, he asked:  “One month? Two months? Four months? You choose.” He added, “Maybe in four months it’s not just Probinsyano that comes to a stop, maybe it’s your network, too.” The network Quiboloy was referring to was ABS-CBN, which refused to air  President Rodrigo Duterte 2016 ad campaign. The words of Pastor Quiboloy became a reality when the station’s franchise was not renewed. EDSA clogged traffic was relieved through South to North Skyway construction and ABS CBN lot it franchise to operate.

Part III. Beyond the Great Period of Change

New Humanity.

Laszlo (2006) asserts that “in the third decade of the twenty-first century…the view of people is united in rejecting the mechanistic and fragmented concept of world and self that was the heritage of the Industrial Age. A new view is emerging: Humans are organic wholes within an organic biosphere in the embrace of an organically evolving universe.” (p.42-43). 

Metaphysically, individual existence and community development are inherently intertwined with nature. The Daoist philosophy of Lao Tzu has been preaching the importance of harmony between humans and nature (Hoff, 1993). New consciousness dictates that they longer believe they are free to manipulate the environment, in the hope that nature will take care of itself or new technologies will take care of nature.

The Newtonian mechanistic view of reality is now transcended because the universe is not a passive bystander watching human actions, and individual actions have an immediate impact on the environment. Subtle ties bind human being to one another, to the biosphere and to the cosmos as a whole. Lovelock (1972) says that the atmosphere and biosphere is the lungs of Mother Earth; the trees, plants and vegetation are her skin; the rivers, lakes and oceans are her blood system; and the minerals and rocks are her bones.  She is alive and she is now a stakeholder of life, just like us. She is present as energy pulsating in our humanness, in our relationships with one another, the Earth and the Galaxy. Gaia’s relevance is even more crucial in addressing global warming and climate change.  Gaian energy is a beautiful balancing force of male energy. (Hudtohan, 2017).

The Institute for the Future (2009) affirms Laszlo’s world view 2025. The report says that “A collapsing economy paves the way for discovering new kinds of value in all forms of interaction – from the microscopic scale of atoms to the macrocosms of human connections with each other and the planet they inhabit. Look at the coming decade from the perspective of millennia of change. Focus on the progress of the universe from the breakthrough structures of the atom to the living cell, the biota, the human body, the community of nations, the global economy. This is how the future will be new, by continuing the incredible experiment of reorganization for greater complexity, by creating the next astonishing structural forms in this long evolutionary path.”  This is aligned with  Bluestone observation that “Western and Chinese alchemist had one thing in common…the smallest object of material reality was a reflection of a larger cosmic whole.  Monk Basil Valenti the human body was a microcosm of the universe.  In the Chinese Tao, everything on earth was a reflection of its divine form.” (Bluestone, p. 62).

Life Style 2025.

The life style in 2025 announces a renaissance of spirituality as well.  According to Laszlo, “people live simply than those who can afford luxurious life style in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century. These are not imposed by poverty and they are not the consequence of rules and legislations or high taxes. They are voluntary result of a different mindset.  For me, a spiritual higher view on what life is all about. People realize that a high material standard of living does not necessarily mean high quality of life.” (Laszlo, 2006, p. 44). 

They have a healthier lifestyle in harmony with nature and the environment better than the Agricultural Civilization, Industrial Civilization, Global Civilization, and Digital Civilization that brought success, affluence and luxury. But these brutalized the environment . Individuals of 2025 belongs to the Ecological Civilization and Spiritual Civilization. They are healthier and they live longer, but do not contribute to growth of the population. Life ways are becoming ecologically sustainable. They are reoriented from aiming external growth to focusing on internal growth, shifting from aiming at conquest and consumption to wishing further the evolution of their thinking and behavior and the development of their communities. (Laszlo, 2006, p.45).

 Pande and Vian (2009) aver that the citizen of the future will be “a native of the network and that changes everything. It tempers border-based boundaries. It refocuses political notion on issues that are both more local and more global at the same time. It links expressiveness to empowerment and turns the smart consumer o the early internet era into activist citizen of the coming decades. The network superstructs citizenship.”  Harari (2016; 2018) affirms the role of technology in all aspects of the life of a 21st century human who has become a Homo Deus, interacting with artificial intelligence in a widely networked relationship.

Morality 2025.

Laszlo (2006) believes that “Moral considerations inform the decisions people make in the private sphere as well as in the sphere of business and profession. In 2025 people agree that it is immoral to live in ways that reduce access for others in the resources required for a life l of basic dignity and wellbeing.  The new morality is rooted in a universal principle: Live and act in a way that enables others to live as well. Live not necessarily in the same way but with a real possibility of satisfying basic needs and pursuing the ends of well-being and happiness.” (p. 45). There will be a rise of personal social responsibility complementing corporate social responsibility.  The democratic individualist pursuit for happiness will shift to a socially responsible inclusive behavior.

The 2025 wellbeing of Laszlo maybe understood in Dyck and Neubert’s (2012) framework. Their various forms of wellbeing are:  Physical: health, safety, Emotional: stress, positive feelings, work-life balance,  Material: productivity, efficiency, profitability, Social: nurture community, social justice, help disadvantaged, Intellectual: coherent ideas, clear rationale, sound theory/logic, Aesthetic: beauty, elegant products/services, appealing workplace, Ecological: natural environment, sustainability, minimize pollution,  Individual: self-interested self and stakeholders, and Spiritual: meditation, guided by spiritual truths/forces.

Clearly humanity has learned that wellbeing is total human development and material wellbeing is only part of our human existence. Teilhard de Chardin, Wayne Dyer, and Stephen Covey are said that: We are not humans with spiritual activities. We are spiritual beings with human activities. This maxim is being taken seriously by people in the year 2025.

Decision-making and Security 2025.Laszlo (2006, p. 46) says, “The political world is globalized, but it is locally diverse; it is networked, but not monolithic. Sovereign nation states, has given way to a transnational system organized as a Chinese box of decision-making forums, with each forum having its own sphere of authority and responsibility.” This vision is shared by Jake Dunagan (2009) who says, “To survive the 21st century, humanity must undertake a massive, collective program to redesign our basic government structures at every level – based on the emerging technologically and cosmologically powerful understandings of life and the universe available.”

Laszlo believes that “The 2025 world is not a hierarchy but a ‘hererarchy’: a multilevel sequentially integrated structure of distributed decision-making. It is aimed at global coordination combined with regional, national, and local self-determination. The global level is the highest level of decision making, yet it is the lowest level at which peace and security can be ensured and global flow of goods, money and technology can be monitored. The regional level is indicated for decisions that coordinate the social and political aspirations and concerns of nations within the given regions Regional economic and social organizations provide the forum for the elected representatives of the member nations to consider and harmonized the interests and aspirations of their population. The national level Is appropriate for most of the functions traditionally performed by national government but without claiming absolute sovereignty for the nation-state and with due regard for decisions made in other forums in direct consultation with their inhabitants. The local level of decision making brings together the elected representatives of urban and rural communities. They coordinate the workings of the social and political towns, villages and rural regions in direct consultation with their inhabitants.” (p. 2006, 46).

Yuval Noah Harari (2016) has pronounced us as Home Deus. But Bruce Lipton (2021) reminds us we originally came from a one-cell amoeba until that amoeba that progressively developed into a monkey species, which Charles Darwin claimed as the basis Homo Sapiens. Then, we progressed to an Agricultural Civilization, Industrial Civilization, Global Civilization, Digital Civilization and Ecological Civilization.  The future points toward a Spiritual Civilization at the end of 2023, the Age of New Enlightenment.


1. The highly contested Philippine election is an indicator that we are still within the  Great Period of Change (1987-2023). The Galactic entry into the Black Hole is about to end in 2023 and as we exit, we will begin to experience New Enlightenment. Cosmologist tell us this will bring about harmony.

2. The Philippine National Election in 2022 gave many poof that incoming President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. will bring about change for the better. His feminine energy symbolizes a new governance style in the 21st Century.  

3. Political analysts and prophetic personalities saw the advent of positive change in Philippine governance with Marcos, Jr., leading the way to unity and harmony.

4. The Age of Digital technology have forced us to interact with AI machines. Thus, we are becoming Homo Deus. Philippine elections saw various platforms like the Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Google were used to promote and garners votes for running politicians.

5. We were Homo Sapiens and before that Darwin claimed we came from the species of the monkeys.  Today, Bruce Lipton goes further to say that our life started as amoeba.

4. The Old World went through Agricultural Civilization, Industrial Civilization, Global Civilization, Ecological Civilization.  We are moving toward Spiritual Civilization at the end of the Great Period of Change in 2003.

5. The New World described by Erwin Laszlo is a picture with New Worldview, New Life Style, New Morality, and New Decision and Security envisioned in 2025.

6. Ahead of us is a future that is making a breakthrough and we will not breakdown in meeting the challenge of our planetary existence.  To survive we must now bring ourselves to emerge at a New Level as Spiritual Beings.


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